STASS Publications Ltd postage rates

Delivery to mainland GB

Order value / weight P&P
• to £60.99 £4 / £6* / £8† plus VAT
• £61-£200 £8 plus VAT
• over £200 Free postage and packing

* the £4 plus VAT rate applies when ordering one copy only of selected products:

Colourful Semantics - A Practical Resource, Fink Again and Get It Wight CD, First Sentences CD, I Say! Disc, It's An Austism Thing I'll Help You Understand, Listen Up CD, Metaphon Worksheets CD, Mind Reading CD, Mouth Gymnastics CD, My First Words CD, Phoneme Factory Screener, Phoneme Factory SoundSorter, Question Time CD, Rhyme Time CD, Rhodes to Language, Susie Spins, Sounds Rights 1 CD, Sounds Rights 2 CD, Vocabulary Voyage CD, Word Families CD.

† the £8 plus VATrate applies when an order includes a Stass Game Board

Standard delivery to Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Scottish islands

Order weight P&P
• 0 to 500g £6.00 plus VAT
• 500g to 2kg £8.00 plus VAT
• 2kg to 5kg £18.00 plus VAT
• 5kg to 10kg £23.00 plus VAT
• 10kg to 15kg £31.04 plus VAT
• 15kg to 20kg £42.00 plus VAT

Standard delivery to EU Member States

Order weight P&P
• 0g to 500g £6.00 plus VAT
• 500g to 1kg £10.00 plus VAT
• 1kg to 1.5kg £12.00 plus VAT
• 1.5kg to 2kg £15.00 plus VAT

International standard delivery:

Order weight P&P
• 0 to 500g £8.00
• 500g to 1kg £14.00
• 1kg to 2kg £25.00
• 2kg to 5kg £28.00
• 5kg to 10kg £50.00
• over 10kg £60.00