• WinG: Words in Game Test
    WinG: Words in Game TestWinG: Words in Game TestWinG: Words in Game Test
    WinG: Words in Game Test

    WinG: Words in Game Test

    WinG: Words in Game Test

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    English adaptation and standardisation by:
    Allegra Cattani
    Andrea Krott
    Ian Dennis
    Caroline Floccia

    WinG is a standardised assessment for children aged 19-36 months which assesses the knowledge of nouns, verbs and a range of describing words. The test is made up of four subtests to evaluate children’s semantic knowledge: noun comprehension, predicate comprehension (‘predicate’ includes verbs, adjectives and prepositions), noun production and predicate production.

    WinG includes:

    • 132 picture cards:
      • 44 for comprehension
      • 44 for production
      • 44 distractors
      • two sets of all three as ‘pre-test’ items
    • an administrator manual
    • an interactive assessment form which will calculate the results for you

    Record forms are available to download from https://www.stass.co.uk/downloads

    Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed by Ashleigh Paddon, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist on 16-Jun-2020
    So great to have a standardised and flexible assessment to use with children under 39months or those at an early developmental level. Beautiful quality modern images and an easy to follow administration manual as well as a choice of paper and interactive recording forms. I think this will become a well-used resource in my tool kit!
    Reviewed by Laura Collins, Solent NHS Trust on 02-Jun-2020
    I think it's a great assessment tool for pre schoolers as it can help identify specific gaps in vocab to support SMART target setting
    Reviewed by Prof. John Clibbens, Emeritus Professor in Developmental Psychology, Birmingham City University on 21-Nov-2019
    The WinG test is a really useful new resource for both clinicians and researchers. It allows for the assessment of both comprehension and production of vocabulary items in children from 19 to 36 months of age – a period that is particularly important for language development. There is no existing test that does the same for the whole of this period, and no test using direct measures (rather than parental report). Extensive reliability and external validity checks give positive results.
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