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  • Boris and Bella’s Zoo Barrier Game

    Boris and Bella’s Zoo Barrier Game

    Boris and Bella’s Zoo Barrier Game

    Barrier games can be used to develop children's listening skills and expressive language while having fun!

    Each child has an identical base-board and a set of pictures. The children take turns to TALK and give effective instructions to tell the other child where to put one of the small pictures. The other child LISTENS, UNDERSTANDS and carries out the instruction. The child who listens can be encouraged to ask the speaker for clarification or more details as needed. At the end, the children compare their pictures with the aim of making their boards look the same.

    The games relate to popular early years themes and reinforce key vocabulary.


    • 1 x A3 game board, laminated
    • Assorted small pictures of objects, characters and or animals all laminated, cut up and ready to go!



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